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Bespoke Systems

Teer Coatings excels in delivering bespoke coating systems tailored to specific industrial needs. These customised solutions combine cutting-edge technology and precise engineering to address unique challenges across diverse sectors.

By collaborating closely with clients, Teer Coatings designs PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) systems that optimise surface properties such as hardness, wear resistance, and thermal stability for specialised applications. Whether in aerospace, automotive, medical, sensors or other industries, these bespoke systems reflect Teer Coatings' commitment to innovation, ensuring clients receive tailor-made solutions that enhance performance, extend component lifespan, and meet the exacting requirements of their particular processes.

Teer Coatings can either build systems to a customer’s pre-existing design or design and build systems that are bespoke to a customer’s specific sample / application..


Bespoke design work is undertaken in house with multiple meetings occurring with the customer through the design phase so the system once build is approved will meet the needs of the customer. If required prebuild R & D coating work can be carried out to de risk the final output of the system design.


Design options for Bespoke systems are vast but the following are systems that have been built.


6 Magnetron systems with 1.2M Magnetrons, Linear Ion Source, twin turbos, shutter control system, bespoke control system.


5 Magnetron system, 1 magnetron sputter up, twin opening doors for clean room operation, twin control points for operation on both sides, RF Bias, sample heating and Liner Ion Source.


2 Magnetron System sputter down, 4 .5m Magnetrons, Individual rotation sample handling system, Multiple Turbos, Slide in and slide out magnetrons for simpler target changes.


All options can be considered so if you have application that a standard system will not suffice, please ask and we can advise you on a route forward.

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