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R & D Systems

Teer Coatings' R&D (Research and Development) Systems represent the forefront of surface engineering innovation.


These systems are dedicated to pioneering advancements in coating technologies, exploring novel materials, and refining deposition processes. Through rigorous experimentation and continuous exploration, Teer Coatings aims to develop cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible in surface coatings. The R&D Systems play a crucial role in shaping the future of industrial applications, ensuring Teer Coatings remains at the forefront of technological progress in the field of surface engineering.

Teer R & D Systems have a wide range of size options and magnetron options available to allow the PVD system to meet the customer requirements.


Magnetron Sizes 


133mm x 200mm

133mm x 330mm

133mm x 400mm


175mm x 380mm

175mm x 500mm


Typical system configuration if 4 magnetrons however if required a system can be built with 2 Magnetrons and upgraded to 4 later.


Systems can be supplied with a wide range of target material suitable for producing a range of coatings, please indicate the coating or coatings you wish to study so we can match the correct targets to the coating.


Power Supply Options Magnetrons and Bias


DC Power supplies.

Pulsed DC Power Supplies

RF Power Supplies

HiPIMS Power Supplies


Substrate Handling Options


1 Axis simple pole sample handling.

2 Axis Rotation system with number of positions TBC based on sample size and weight.

3 Axis Rotation system with number of satellites TBC based on sample size, number of positions on satellite TBC based on size and weight of samples.


Other Options


Baratron Gauge

Substrate Heating.

Shutters 1, 2 or all targets.

Double opening door for use with clean room.

Dry pumps for lower maintenance.

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