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Dr Hailin Sun

Technology Director

Dr. Sun leads Teer’s Technology Development Centre and has over 35 years’ expertise in PVD coating research. He Joined Teer Coatings in 2002 with a profound background in material science and surface engineering. His extensive research portfolio includes mechanical and functional PVD/PECVD coating development as well as coating equipment development for various applications. As an Honorary Research Professor in two universities, Hailin is responsible for numerous UK&EU government-funded research projects for the company in partnership with many academic institutions and industry partners.

Wayne Southall.JPG

Wayne Southall

Sales and Marketing Director

From an early background in marine engineering, Wayne first joined us in 1995 in coating service. After overseeing production for a number of years he joined the sales team in 2010 and imparts over 20 years’ experience of PVD technology to Teer’s management team, having become Sales and Marketing Director in 2019.

Angela Byrne.JPG

Angela Byrne

Commercial Director

Coming from an accounting background firstly within the Manufacturing Industry then moving to the Commercial Industry,  Angela joined Teer Coatings as part of the Accounting Team in 1998. With over 25 years experience at Teer Coatings, gaining a degree in both Accounting and Human Resources Angela became Commercial Director in 2019 overseeing all Accounting, Financial and Human Resource responsibilities.

Management Team

Teer Coating Tim Allen.jpg

Tim Allen 
Equipment Build
Operations Manager

With almost 30 years of experience working at Teer Coatings in a variety of progressively more challenging positions across coating service, equipment building, field servicing, support, project management and technical sales Tim is well positioned to provide our customers with the assistance and expertise they require to ensure their needs can be met.

Teer Coating Andy Edwards.jpg

Andy Edwards
Quality Manager

Since joining in 2003, Andy has worked across various stages of the equipment set up and production processes. He’s travelled worldwide providing training and technical support and completed an engineering degree fully supported by the company. As Quality Manager since 2015, Andy is well experienced in managing our QMS to our accredited standards and enjoys the varied technical requirements of our customers and giving dedicated support in achieving them.


Spencer Katic
Coating Service Manager

Spencer joined Teer Coatings as an engineering apprentice in 2003. He has since worked in various roles within the Coating Service side of the business gaining knowledge and experience of PVD technology as well as management of investment and development projects.

Since 2016 Spencer has been responsible for the Coating Service department as a whole.

Jo Hampshire.jpg

Dr Joanne Hampshire  (PhD) 
Special Coatings Manager

Joanne holds the role of Special Coatings Manager at Teer Coatings Ltd., with an extensive 30-year expertise in PVD coatings. Her career at Teer Coatings began in the Testing Department, before transitioning into R&D and eventually to manage Special Coatings. Joanne has made substantial contributions to various funded R&D projects, broadening her wealth of experience and expertise. Her daily responsibilities involve overseeing a diverse array of coatings, showcasing her adaptability and versatility in this field.                                                                     

Mark De Torre -Teer Coatings.jpg

Mark De Torre
Equipment design Manager

With over 26 years at Teer Coatings working as an electrical, Technical support, Service, Commissioning, software & project Engineer Mark has the knowledge and experience to support all our customers technical needs and drive TCL into the future of PVD technology and beyond.

R&D Team

Jo Stallard.jpg

Susan Field
Research Projects Coordinator

Susan Field is Research Projects Coordinator at TCL, having joined in 1997 with a background in Surface Engineering.  She has over 25 years’ experience in magnetron sputtered solid lubricant coating development for Automotive, Aerospace, F1, Fuel cell and Healthcare applications. Current responsibilities also include management of TCL external funding from UK and EC collaborative research projects.


Dr Parnia Navabpour
Process Development/Research Team Leader

Parnia Navabpour (PhD) is TCL’s Process Development/Research Team Leader. She has over 20 years’ experience in the development of functional PVD and PECVD coatings for hydrophobic, photocatalytic, antifouling and antimicrobial applications, as well as extensive experience in fuel cells and electrolysers. She has been the project manager and technical lead in a number of Innovate UK co-funded projects.

Shicai Yang.JPG

Dr Shicai Yang

Shicai Yang (PhD) has been working in the field of PVD magnetron sputtered coatings for over 25 years. He obtained his PhD from Sheffield University before joining Teer Coatings Ltd. He specialises in the development of multilayer hard coatings machining tools.  He also developed a coating process for highly polished coin die forming tools in the minting industry and hard coatings for high temperature applications.

Dr Jinlong Yin
Senior Scientist

Dr Jinlong Yin (PhD) is a senior scientist and the research group leader for Equipment Development at TCL, specialised in scaling up of cluster-beam deposition, magnetron sputtering technology in both theoretical simulation and practical validation. He has been responsible for and managed TCL’s involvement in multiple collaborative research projects funded by EC or UK government.

Dr Alex Goruppa.JPG

Dr Alexander Goruppa
R&D Engineer

Alexander Goruppa (PhD) is R&D Engineer at TCL. He has over 35 years’ experience in research and development of various types of plasma from magnetized DC to RF, microwave and ion beams, applied to a wide range of coatings as well as surface treatment. He has been a leading developer in numerous manufacturing and funded projects.

Dr Xioaling Zhang.png

Dr Xioaling Zhang

Xiaoling Zhang (PhD) has been working in the field of material and surface engineering (PVD and PACVD) for over 25 years. She has been responsible for TCL involvement in three EC, and many UK projects. Her projects include the development of functional coatings, for tribological applications, fuel cells and electrolysers, including experimental evaluation of these coatings.

Dr Jinlong Yin.jpg
Giuseppe Sanzone- Teer Coatings.jpg
Teer Coatings - Joao Coroa_edited.jpg

Dr Giuseppe Sanzone
R&D Engineer

Giuseppe Sanzone (PhD) is an R&D Engineer at TCL, with experience in PVD coatings and coating equipment. He has specialized in cluster-based coatings and has worked on the development and implementation of cluster-beam equipment within conventional sputtering chambers for nanocomposite coating production. Giuseppe has also worked on the development of coatings for wear, high temperature fuel cells, and minting applications.

João Coroa
Junior Researcher

João Coroa is a junior researcher with a bachelor's and master's degree in Micro and Nanotechnology, at Nova School of Science and Technology. After finishing his studies, in 2017, he developed thin film coatings for Academia and Industry. He joined Teer Coatings in 2020, for a PhD position in partnership with KU Leuven, under Marie Curie's actions.

Testing Laboratory

Dr Jo Stallard.jpg

Dr Joanne Stallard (PhD)
Testing Laboratory Manager

As the Testing Laboratory Manager at Teer Coatings Ltd, Joanne brings over 30 years of experience in the coatings field. Her journey began in Coatings service, and as the company expanded, she played a pivotal role in establishing a Material Testing Laboratory. In addition to her specialisation in carbon-based coatings, Joanne's proficiency in materials testing and analysis equipment is a notable aspect of her skill set. Her dedication to advancing the field is evident in her international engagements, having travelled to various countries to present results and author numerous journals on the subject.

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