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Special Coatings

This department specialises in coatings that are not available within the coating service department, either due to the coating's nature or for unconventional substrates. Through fine-tuning the coating parameters, we achieve the capability to coat at temperatures as low as 60°C for certain coatings, if necessary.


Common substrate types encompass:

  • Metals

  • Ceramics

  • Glass

  • Plastics

  • Powders


The Special Coatings department operates with 10 dedicated systems and has access to additional systems as needed, fostering adaptability and rapid turnaround times. These coating systems are typically smaller compared to those in the main coating service department, making them ideal for low-volume and prototype coating projects. Often, projects commence in Special Coatings for initial development before potentially transitioning to larger systems within the coating service department if demand escalates. Alternatively, customers may opt for purchasing a Teer Coatings deposition system, granting them the choice to bring the process "in house" if necessary.


We offer an extensive array of coatings, contingent upon the stability of the source material in a vacuum environment and without any health and safety constraints. Our inventory encompasses various sputtering target materials, and we possess the capability to promptly procure new materials through our well-established global network of suppliers whenever the need arises.

Coating thicknesses span from 1nm up to 10 microns, tailored to specific applications, although the majority of our applications typically fall within the range of 100nm to 5 microns based on specific needs. Further details regarding our current range of coatings are outlined below, while we also entertain requests for additional coatings not explicitly mentioned.

  • Elements – Ag, Al, Au, C, Cr, Co, Cu, Fe, Ir, Mg, Mn, Mo, Nb, Ni, Pd, Pt, Ru, Si, Ta, Ti, V, W, Y, Zr

  • Nitrides – many nitrides of the elements listed above

  • Oxides – many oxides of the elements listed above

  • Carbides – many carbides of the elements listed above

  • Precious metals – gold, platinum, silver, palladium, ruthenium and iridium

  • Compounds and alloys – AlSi, AlSn, B4C, CoCrMo, Hastelloys, Inconels, Monel, MoS2, NiCr, NiCrAlY, NiTi, Permalloy, Stainless Steel, TiAlV, TiB2

  • Co-deposited and Multilayer coatings

  • Graded compositions

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